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Initialization Parameter Options

This page lists the available parameters that can be used in the Video Player and what is required versus optional.

The format of these parameters, which are specified in the Silverlight plugin "initParams" (or InitParameters if using the ASP.NET control) parameter, follow the format of:


List of Parameters

Parameter Name Version Description Values Required Default Value Example
m Full/Min The source for the media to be played URI Yes none m=
autostart Full/Min Whether the media should automatically start playing true or false No false autostart=true
thumbnail Full Only A thumbnail image preview to display when not playing URI No none thumbnail=image.png
markers Full Only A value to enable/disable the showing of media markers true or false No false markers=true
cc Full Only A value to enable/disable the showing of closed-captioning text true or false No false cc=true
markerpath Full Only The path to the metadata file to load for the media markers following the marker specification URI No none markerpath=custommarkers.xml
muted Full/Min Value to initially mute the volume true or false No false muted=true
autohide Full/Min Value to set the controls to auto hide after a few seconds and re-appear when mouse activity on the media occurs true or false No true autohide=false
canscrub Full/Min Value to enable the seeking of the media using the timeline slider true or false No true canscrub=false

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nreque May 4, 2009 at 1:26 PM 
Using the ASP.NET control, is it possible to change these parameters at run time? If possible: Which is the correct method to do it?